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Motichoor laddu recipe or motichur Ladoo is a round-shaped dessert that is made from besan which is combined with other ingredients to form fine, small sweet balls. Chickpea flour is fried in either ghee or oil, and then soaked in sweet sugary syrup and then finally topped with chickpeas. Then, these sweet pearl-like balls are rolled or rounded into balls called laddus. The word ‘motichoor’ literally translates to crushed pearls, which is a very suitable name for the sweet dessert.

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Motichoor Laddu

The motichoor laddu recipe originates from India and is associated with Indian states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The best part about this sweet dessert is that these ladoos are also very easy to store, even in torrid temperatures and can stay preserved for days. This is why many states in the past preferred this laddu due to its ever-lasting ability. Motichoor ke laddu is round-shaped ladoo which is very popular in Pakistan. It is often served at wedding and engagements as well as various occasions that are related to joys and merriments.

When people visit their relatives-in-law after confirmation of the relationship, they especially get hampers of moti choor ladoo prepared on order and gift it to relatives as a tradition. You can also make these laddos yourself with the help of recipe offered here by


What is Motichoor Laddoo Made Of?

Motichoor laddos are made with boondi which is made with gram flour (besan). Flour is fried in ghee and then brought to boil in sugared water. Then with this paste round shaped laddo are formed.

This laddo is a popular sweet in Pakistan. It is the traditional sweet to be served on merriment occasions. Now with the help of recipe, you can make it at home too.

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